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Healthy Skin Tips For Face

Eflianda Tips - Daily skin care is actually quite easy when you think of three general steps.

Face wash, moisturizer And sunscreen.

Washing your face should be done twice a day morning and night
You should use a soft face wash that does not have a lot of ingredients in it that does not contain the ingredients of acne unless instructed by a doctor.
Tips For Healthy Skin For Teenagers

You then you should choose a moisturizer for your face that is non-comedogenic or sometimes called will not clog pores or oil-free.

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Should have sunscreen in it with at least SPF Of 30 and also should be wide spectrum and as far as sunscreen go again the same rules apply you should use one that has SPF 30 and be labeled broad spectrum.

An easy way to find out a wide spectrum is to look at the potion. If it has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and it is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that should be applied to all affected areas and must be re-installed every two hours or after wet or sweating and should even be applied to Cloudy days.

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