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how to keep natural hair healthy

Hi welcome beauty back to Eflianda Tips,
I will show you what I use to grow and nurture a healthy head, so let's get ahead and get started.

When it comes to hair growth, I usually use protein hair a maximum of one or two times a month and this only consists of raw eggs, which provide protein in the hair and just as we need protein to eat food.

To grow hair also need one, but I would advise you to check if you are allergic to this because not everyone can tolerate the smell of eggs.
how to keep natural hair healthy

Another ingredient for this Max is olive oil, which helps to restore the moisture of the hair and also the honey that acts as anti-damage and also makes the hair stronger.
So here it breaks two raw eggs into a bowl and the mix ensures everything is well defeated.

Next I will add. Honey and olive oil and keep beating until I feel like everything is well mixed.
Alright dear so now start applying max in my hand,

I used a dishwasher sponge to apply it for sucking mugs and ironing perfectly on my hair.
And I will smear it on my hair and make sure all hair is saturated to the maximum after I close and leave for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash with shampoo.

And most of the products I use for my hair. Are all natural products homemade and to be honest I have experienced a lot of growth and development since I started with this routine.

how to keep natural hair
Another tip I use for hair growth is inversion therapy and with this method I live backwards in bed and then gradually My side scalp my hair for 3 to 4 minutes and this only stimulates blood flow and helps hair growth.

I've tried this therapy for a week and see a great growth with my hair, the most amazing thing I like most is coconut milk max. That helps revive dry and damaged curly hair and for this you only need extract of coconut milk that you can get from any food alley in any supermarket.

And also honey and here we will add about 5 to 7 tablespoons of milk in a bowl and also Add honey and stir and,
Max also serves as a deep conditioning treatment for the head,

And as I do with a max egg I will only use a punch and that sort of thing has ticked my whole head and I usually leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before washing with the mouth shampoo.
how to make my hair healthy
The last step into my hair routine is to use a hair rubbing machine to rub my scalp, while this washing stimulates the blood flow and also helps unclog the hair follicles that lead to hair growth.

Sometimes using our bare fingers does not really get. The work is done well so I prefer to use this and it's really amazing and honest with you guys,

I can not say enough how this routine helps my hair growth this is all I do and I really like it and this is how my hair looks above the trimmed for the exam how I wish you all enjoyed.

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