Senin, 23 April 2018

How To Massage The Right Face Without Going To Salon

How to massage the face is one way done to make the face more fresh and tight. That's why many people are willing to linger in the salon to get this massage or facial treatments. Not only women, men also often do massage on the face area on a regular basis. Actually this facial massage not only can be done in the salon, because you can also do it yourself at home with light massages in some areas of the face. But this massage can not be arbitrary you do, because if one is not a hard face that you can but the face becomes slack. And here we provide tricks and massage methods in the right face area and you can do yourself at home.Area And How To Massage The Right FaceThe first massage area is the cheek area. massage on the cheek area is believed to make the face look brighter and fresh. Massage movements in the cheek area is quite simple by pressing the right cheek with the right hand, and pulled up to the fore 3 times and do the same movement on the left cheek. In addition to how to massage the face in the area of ​​the next cheek is to make a circular motion upwards using the fingers of the hand.The second area is the area of ​​the nose. Massage on the nose area has benefits to help rejuvenate the cells in the face that make the face always looks fresh and youthful. How to massage the face in this area of ​​the nose can be done by placing both palms on both sides of the nose, then press and swab the side of the nose to the cheek and neck area. For better results use also your favorite facial cream. The second way to massage the nose area you can do with a circular motion from the nose to the cheek further press and pull up to the temple of the eye, do up to 4 times the movement that will make the blood circulation in the face area more smoothly.The third massage area is the eye area, this area is also one of the favorite areas, because in addition to making the circulation becomes more lacar, also able to avoid swelling of the eyes and reduce wrinkles in the eye area. how to massage the face in this area is quite simple and you can do it in several ways. The first pull both eyebrows at the forehead for a moment, then do gentle massage and rotate in the area of ​​the eye, petals and forehead. And lastly with a gentle sweep from eye to ear.And the last area that is important enough to do massage is the area of ​​the forehead. Massage in this area in addition to keep you from dull skin can also reduce dizziness. how to massage the face in the area of ​​the forehead starting from the chin area to the ear with a circular motion, then do a light massage in the area of ​​the forehead by pressing the index finger and middle finger on the top of the eyebrows and twisted follow the hairline.Thus some way of massaging the face that we can convey. You can practice some of the above at home on a regular basis to get a healthy, toned and beautiful face glow. But it would be better if you consult a doctor or an expert first. Hopefully the right way of massaging the faces we've conveyed can be useful.Description: How to massage your face can be done with simple movements and light massage in some areas of the face to make it look fresher and firmer.

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